Flooded Basement

If {you’re|you are} reading this that would {mean|indicate} that you have a flooded basement and {in need of|needing} services either in your {home|house} or office. We at Sally Steamers’ can fix this problem for you with our professional water damage restoration {processes|procedures}. Just {fill out|complete} our form or give us a call at 1-000-000-0000.

Basements are vulnerable to {flooding|flood}, {because|since} they’re constructed {partially|partly} if not {fully|completely} below ground. {For this reason|Because of this}, basement floods can {occur|happen} {outside|out} of rainy seasons and {quick|speedy} snow melts {at any time|anytime} of year, even {if the|when} weather conditions are dry. There are {lots|plenty} of causes of basement flooding, which {range|vary} from weather to burst pipes and drainage {issues|difficulties}.

Identifying the causes of a flooded basement can help you prepare your {home|house} and make {certain|sure} that your basement is protected from water damage. {Here|Below} are {some|a few} of the most {common|frequent} causes of water in basements and what you can do if {you’re|you are} {in need of|needing} flooded basement recovery.

Most Common Causes Of Basement Flooding

Most Common Causes Of Basement Flooding

A flooded basement can be a nightmare. {{Knowing|Understanding }|{Understanding|Knowing }} and preempting the {most|very} {{common|frequent }|frequent} causes {for|of} basement {flooding|flood} is the {best|{most effective|best }} preventative {measures|steps} you can take to {{keep|maintain }|{prevent|avoid }} that nightmare from becoming a reality. Common basement {flooding|{flood|flooding }} causes include:

When a {{home|house }|residence} is {{constructed|built }|{assembled|constructed }}, the {basement|{cellar|basement }} tiles and {{foundation|base }|base} {need|having} to be sealed properly. This is {{especially|particularly }|{particularly|especially }} important in {areas|regions} {that|{which|that }} are prone to heavy rain, hurricanes, or other severe weather events. Hurricanes bring with them violent wind storms and {plenty|a {good|fantastic} deal} of rain {that|which} may {lead to|result in} a flooded basement.

{Additionally|{Furthermore|Additionally }}, areas {that|which} are {prone|vulnerable} to snow are {{in danger|at risk }|at risk} of melting snow seeping {{info|data }|to} a {{poorly|badly }|{badly|poorly }} sealed {basement|{cellar|basement }} and causing flooding. If sealing {{is not|isn’t }|{isn’t|is not }} done or {done|{completed|finished }} incorrectly, water will {{begin|start }|{start|begin }} to seep into the basement from the ground {over|with} times. If your basement floods during {{all or most|most or all }|{most or |}all} rainstorms, this {may|{might|may }} be the {cause|reason}.

Every home should have a drainage system {{built|constructed }|constructed} {around|round} the {{building|construction }|{construction|structure }} to help {{ensure|guarantee }|{make sure|ensure }} that water moves away from and {{doesn’t|does not }|{does not|doesn’t }} seep {into|to} the {home|{house|home }}. If the tile drainage system {{has been|was }|was} installed incorrectly or {fails,|fails, then} the {basement|{cellar|basement }} may experience flooding, especially during heavy rains. 

To determine if this is the {root cause|{origin|source }} of your {flooding|{flood|flooding }} basement, {{it’s|it is }|{it is|it’s }} {necessary|crucial} to have a {specialist|professional} {come out|emerge} and {perform|{carry out|execute }} an inspection.

The {purpose|objective} of the downspout is to direct water away from the {{home|house }|{house|home }} and its {{foundation|base }|base}. Downspouts should be at least five to six feet away from the basement wall and drain away {from|in} the {home|{house|home }}, usually towards the {{street|road }|{road|street }} or backyard. 

If your downspouts are {broken or {missing|lost }|{missing or broken|broken or missing }}, water will pool {{next to|alongside }|beside} {the|your} {house|home} and can seep slowly into the {basement|{cellar|basement }} or pour in through cracks in the foundation.

Like the downspouts, gutters or eaves troughs are crucial to divert water away from the {home|house} to keep the basement dry. If your {home|house} is near trees, your gutters may become clogged with fallen leaves, twigs, seed pods and other debris. Debris impedes water from moving off the roof, through the downspout and away from the {home|house}.

Be {certain|sure} you {regularly clean|wash} the gutters as part of your regular routine maintenance program to {avoid|prevent} any {problems|issues} with water collecting {on|in} your roof. This {can|may} be as {easy|simple} as removing any fallen leaves or twigs in spring, but you {may|might} {need|want} the support of {an expert|a specialist} to make {certain that|sure} all debris is removed safely.

Overflowing gutters {may|can} also cascade water down the sides of the {home|house} where it can {pool and seep|float and pool} into the basement. Approximately 15 minutes after a storm, go out and check to {see|find out} if your gutters are directing water away from your {home|house} and not overflowing.

Any overflowing water {can|may} seep into your {foundation|base} and cause damage. During a particularly heavy storm, you {may|might} also have to {handle|deal with} a flooded basement {floor|flooring} consequently. Call a professional if you suspect your gutters are overflowing and are in need of repair.

Your basement has three {possible|potential} sources for {flooding|flood} contained inside: the water supply line (your {plumbing|pipes }), hot water tank and the sump pump, even if your {home|house} has one. Any time one of {these|them} is damaged or breaks, a {basement|cellar} can flood.

A water supply line may break {due to|because of} aging pipes, shoddy workmanship or frozen pipes {which|that} finally {crack and burst|burst and crack}. Both hot water tanks and sump pumps should be inspected annually to {test|check} for failing equipment.

Other {possible|potential} causes {for|of} basement flooding include sewage backup and {whether|if} the {home|house} sits in a low spot of the {house|home}. All homes {need|will need} to be built on the property’s highest point to {reduce|decrease} the {risk for|danger of} basement flooding.

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If your {lawn|yard} or the property around your {home|house} {doesn’t|does not} slope away from your {home|house}, you {may|might} be more likely to have a flooded basement. Your {home|house} benefits from being located in a region where no {excess|extra} water from storms, melting snow, or other natural weather patterns will {lead to|result in} water damage.

If you {discover|find} any depressions around your {house|home} where water may {pool,|pool, then} fill them {in |}with a clay-type soil. This will help level the lower areas around your {home|house} and {can|will} help in directing water away from your {home|dwelling}.

The {problem|issue} {may|might} not be in your {garden|own garden}. If there are any large slopes or areas around your {house|property}, you {may|might} be in danger of a flooded {basement|cellar}. Contact a professional to help you determine what {can|could} be done to {help|assist} you {avoid|stay away from} water {in|from} your basement in a storm.

How much does it cost to correct flood damage?

How much does it cost to correct flood damage?

According to the National Flood Insurance Program, floods are the #1 disaster in {America|the usa}, averaging more than $3 billion in claims {{per|each }|{each|per }} year. While most standard insurance policies {{don’t|do not }|{do not|don’t }} cover flood damage, separate flood insurance {is available|can be found} in {{most|many }|many} areas. 

Annual premiums for flood insurance average {around|approximately} $700 {per|{each|per }} year. Call your {insurance provider|insurer} or check your {plan|{strategies|plans }} if you {{aren’t|are not }|{are not|aren’t }} sure if {you’re|you are} {{covered|insured }|insured}.

The {cost|charge} to {fix|{repair|fix }} a flooded basement varies {significantly|considerably} {{based|predicated }|dependent} on the {{depth|thickness }|thickness} of the water and the {type|sort} of the water (clean, storm, or sewage). Pumping {{out water|water out }|water {out|outside }} and thoroughly drying a lightly flooded basement {can|may} {cost|price} {around|{approximately|roughly }} $500 to $1000. {Depending|Based} {on|on} the size of your {{basement|cellar }|{cellar|basement }} and the {amount|quantity} of water present, this {{cost|price }|{price|cost }} can increase up to $10,000 {if|in {the event|case} that} you {need|will need} to {{repair|mend }|{fix|mend }} {flooring|floors}, {walls, ceilings|ceilings, walls}, and furnishings.

How Do I Clean Up After A Flood?

{Start|Begin} your {{clean-up|cleanup }|cleanup} {efforts|attempts} by removing the water from {your|the} flooded basement with a pool pump, a wet/dry vacuum, or a mop and bucket. {Once|{As soon as|When }} {you’ve|you have} gotten rid of as much excess water as {you can|{possible|potential }}, move your damaged items {{out of|from }|from} the {{basement|cellar }|{cellar|basement }} and into a well-ventilated area to let them dry out.

{Give|Offer} your {{items|things }|{things|items }} about 48 hours to {dry|wash} out-if {{they’re|they are }|{they are|they’re }} still damp or {wet|moist} {{after that|then }|then}, {{it’s|it is }|{it is|it’s }} probably {best|better} to throw them away {in order|{to be able|in order }} to {{avoid|prevent }|prevent} {mold|mould} or mildew. And those cardboard boxes {that|{which|that }} {got|have} a little wet? Go ahead and throw {{those out|out those }|out those}, {too|also}. {They’re|{They are|They’re }} {especially|particularly} susceptible to bacterial growth, so {{stay|remain }|{remain|stay }} on the safe side and {{just|only }|simply} replace them with {new|fresh} ones.

{If|In {cases|instances }} {you have|you’ve} {{carpet|carpeting }|carpeting} in your {basement|cellar}, {{rip|tear }|tear} it out immediately so {that |} the {floor|ground} underneath can {{properly|correctly} |} dry out. {Give|Offer} your {basement|{cellar|basement }} {several|a {few|couple of }} {days|times} of drying time. You can {{speed up|accelerate }|accelerate} the {process|procedure} by keeping {{doors and windows|windows and doors }|windows and {doors|doorways }} open as much as possible and by {{placing|putting }|{putting|placing }} fans around the {space|{room|space }} {to|into} {increase|{improve|enhance }} air {circulation|flow}.

Last but not least, wash your {{floors|flooring} and walls|walls and {floors|flooring }} to remove any dirt left behind by the floodwater. {If|Should} you {notice|{discover|find }} damaged drywall or insulation, {call|phone} {a professional|{an expert|a professional }} to {help|{assist|help }} you replace it with {{fresh|new }|{new|fresh }} materials {in order|{to be able|in order }} to {{prevent|stop }|{avoid|prevent }} the spread of {{mold|mould }|{mould|mold }}.

How Do I Waterproof My {{Basement|Cellar }|{Cellar|Basement }}?

To {{avoid|prevent }|{prevent|stop }} basement flooding in the {future|long run}, {{look into|research }|{explore|research }} waterproofing your basement. 

Start|Begin} by {making sure|ensuring} {your|{that |}your} gutters and rain spouts are {cleaned|washed} out {year-round|year round}. When gutters are clogged, water can soak through your walls and down to {your|a} basement {{causing|inducing }|{resulting in|leading to }} flooding and {{serious|severe }|severe} water damage. Your rain {spouts|gutters} {should also|also needs to} direct water far enough away from {your|the} {home|house} {that |}it {{doesn’t|does not }|{does not|doesn’t }} pool {around|round} the edges. Five feet away is a {good|great} {rule of thumb|{guideline|principle }}.

Inspect the landscaping around the perimeter of your {{house|home }|residence}. The ground should slope away from {your|the} {{foundation|base }|{base|foundation }}, not towards it, and {plants|{crops|plants }} should sit at least a foot away from {your|the} {{house|home }|residence}. Be {wary|skeptical} of trees {{close to|near }|near} your {{home|house }|{house|home }} as well. Their {roots|origins} {can|may} {cause|lead to} basement water {issues|problems} {if|should} they break through the {{foundation|base }|{base|foundation }} of your {{house|home }|home} and cause {cracks|fractures}.

Paint your basement walls and floors with a waterproof coating from {your|the} {local|neighborhood} hardware {store|shop}. These paints usually { |} works best for committing minor dampness in your basement. You {can|may} also {{think about|consider }|{consider|think about }} installing a sump pump, which redirects water {{that|which }|{which|that }} flows in {through|via} a drain away from {your|the} {{house|home }|residence}.

When in doubt, {{it’s|it is }|{it is|it’s }} {best|better} to call a plumbing professional or basement waterproofing company. Get {quotes|{estimates|quotes }} from a {few|couple of} different people, so {that |} you {can|{may|can }} compare {prices and plans|plans and prices} of {{action|actions }|{actions|activities }}. 

{Be|Make} sure|Make certain} to {ask|inquire} {{whether|if }|if} the proposed plans are short-term fixes or long-term {solutions|{alternatives|options }}. {It’s|It is} always {a {good|fantastic} idea|wise} to check references and see if the {company|{business|company }} {{offers|provides }|{provides|supplies }} a {warranty|{guarantee|warranty }} for their {work|job}.

Avoid Costly Home Damage From Basement Flooding

By identifying the {causes|{source|origin }} of water damage in basements, you can {{avoid|prevent }|prevent} the {need|demand} for flood restoration {{services|solutions }|solutions}. {{However,|But }|But} weather is unpredictable, and it can be {{difficult|hard }|{tricky|catchy }} to {{avoid|prevent }|{prevent|stop }} water {{in|from }|from} your {basement|cellar} in {{an emergency|a crisis }|a {crisis|catastrophe }} {such as|like} a broken water heater or a leaking or burst pipe.

The professionals {{at|in }|{in|at }} Sally Steamer have {seen|observed} the {{full|complete }|{entire|complete }} {range|{assortment|variety }} of basement flooding causes. We’ll answer your call 24/7/365 if your basement floods and {take care of|{deals|copes} with} everything from the water extraction and drying process to mold remediation as needed.

Flooded Basement Cleanup And Restoration

Too many homeowners have descended their {basement|{cellar|basement }} {steps|measures} to {find|{locate|find }} a pool of {murky|muddy} water. Water follows the path of least resistance, {finding|discovering} {cracks and {holes|openings }|{holes and cracks|openings and holes }} through basement walls.

Flooding can {{often|frequently }|{frequently|often }} {be {attributed|credited} to|result from} {insufficient|inadequate} drainage around {basement|cellar} walls, heavy rains, a faulty sump pump, or a {combination|mixture} of {these|{those|these }} {{factors|variables }|{variables|factors }}.

Sally Steamer is {{highly|exceptionally }|exceptionally} trained in water damage restoration {including|such as} basement and crawlspace flooding. They have the experience, expertise, and equipment to remove the water and dry your {basement|{cellar|basement }} {properly|{correctly|properly }}.

Their water removal and drying {{process|procedure }|{procedure|process }} emphasize {{monitoring and documentation|documentation and monitoring }|documentation and {monitoring|tracking }} to {{validate|confirm }|confirm} your property is dry.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • {{Faster|Quicker }|{Quicker|Faster }} to Any Size Disaster
  • Highly Trained Water Damage Restoration {{Specialists|Experts }|{Experts|Pros} }
  • Locally Owned and Operated

24 Hour Emergency Water Removal {Service|Services }

Basements can flood {{day or night|night or day }|night or {day|night }}, on weekends and even holidays, and {{that’s|that is }|{that is|that’s }} why Sally Steamer {{offer|provide }|{provide|supply }} 24 emergency service, 365 days {a|per} years. You can expect an immediate response time, {{day or night|night or day }|night or day}.

Highly Trained Water Restoration {{Specialists|Experts }|Experts }

As water damage {{specialists|experts }|{experts|specialists }}, Sally Steamer has the {{expertise|experience }|experience} and {advanced|innovative} training {that|which} {enable|allow} them to {get|{receive|get }} your {basement|cellar} dried {{properly|correctly }|{correctly|properly }} and any affected {{belongings|possessions }|possessions} {{cleaned and dried|dried and cleaned }|dried and {cleaned|dried }}. They use scientific drying principles and {{provide|supply }|supply} validation and documentation {{that|which} |} your {property|{house|home }} is {dry|sterile} and the job is complete. Learn about water damage training/certificates.

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