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Fabric sofas look great and {can|may} be {{especially|particularly }|{particularly|especially }} cozy. They {can|may} also be a {major|significant} nightmare when it comes to cleaning. {But|However,} {spills|clogs} are bound to {{happen|occur }|{occur|happen }} from time to time and, {{unless you|if you don’t }|if you {don’t|do not }} {want|{would like|want }} to {adorn|decorate} your {{couch|sofa }|{sofa|couch }} with {those|these} {beautiful|{gorgeous|stunning }} plastic covers, {{you’re|you are }|{you are|you’re }} going to {{needs|wants }|have} to {no|{understand|know }} {how|the way} to {clean|wash} a {fabric|cloth} sofa.

Reclaim your {{couch’s|sofa’s }|{sofa’s|couch’s }} lounge-worthy status with the {help|support} of {some|a few} handy how-tos.

Fabric Cleaner - Upholstery Cleaning

Dustmite treatment

Maintain an allergy and dust-mite-free environment in your home with Sally Steamer’s professional, deep cleansing solution. We promise that dust mite and flea infestation is gone for good!

{How|The way} to {Steam |} Clean Your Couch

{If you|{for those who|if you }} {have|on} a {sofa|couch} marked”W” or”WS,” you {may|{might|may }} {be able|{have|possess} the {ability|capacity }} to use an upholstery steam cleaner. Before you get excited, consult {the|with the} manufacturer’s {{instructions|directions }|{directions|instructions }} for the steamer to {{see|watch }|find out} {whether|if} {{it’s|it is }|{it is|it’s }} OK to use it {on|in} your {{couch|sofa }|{sofa|couch }} fabric. While,”W” and”WS” {sofas|couches} {may|{might|may }} {be able|{have|possess} the {ability|capability }} to {withstand|{resist|withstand }} water, they {can’t|{can not|can’t }} {always|{consistently|always }} take the heat.

{Additionally|{In addition|Additionally }}, {{you’ll|you will }|you {will|may }} {want|wish} to do a spot test on a {{small|little }|tiny} out-of-the-way {part|{region|area }} of the {{sofa|couch }|{couch|sofa }} to {{make sure|ensure }|{ensure|guarantee }} steaming {won’t|{will not|won’t }} cause any permanent damage.

When it comes to figuring out how to steam clean a {{couch|sofa }|{sofa|couch }}, {{you’re|you are }|{you are|you’re }} really {{just|only }|only} going to follow the manufacturer’s {instructions|directions} {provided|{supplied|provided }} with the upholstery steamer. They {{should|if }|{ought to|should }} {{tell|inform} you|{let you|allow you to} know} what settings {{you’ll|you will }|you {will|may }} need to use.

There are {a few|{sum|amount }} tricks that {can|{may|can }} {make|create} your cleaning more {{successful|effective }|effective}, {though|however}:

  • Vacuum your {{sofa|couch }|{couch|sofa }} {before|until} you {start|{begin|start }} to steam clean. After {{you have|you’ve }|{you’ve|you have }} steamed and the {{sofa|couch }|{couch|sofa }} has {completely|{fully|completely }} dried, vacuum it {again|}.
  • {Pick|Select} a {nice|great} day to steam clean your {{couch|sofa }|{sofa|couch }} so {that |}{you can|it is possible to} open the windows and air out the room.
  • Some steam cleaners use microfiber {{cloths|fabrics }|{fabrics|cloths }} to help pick up debris. {{You’ll|you will }|You {will|may }} want to change {these out|out these} as you steam so you can {pick up|grab} all {the|of {the|this }} dirt.
  • After steaming, point a fan {on|in} your {{couch|sofa }|{sofa|couch }} {to|into} {help it|{allow it to|make it }} dry {completely|thoroughly}.
  • Wait {until|{till|until }} the water in the steamer cools before dumping it out.
Stain treatment - Upholstery Cleaning

Stain treatment

Sally Steamer’s {experience|expertise} and knowledge in {handling|tackling} unique stains {assure|guarantee} you that those {spots|stains} {on|in} your upholstery or stains on your {garments|clothes} are removed without a trace.

How to Clean a Cloth Sofa for Stains

  1. Get to the stains quickly. {The moment|When} a spill or stain occurs, get to {clean|wash} it immediately. Waiting too long before treating a stain – even a matter of a few {moments|minutes} – can cause the stain to set, making it more {difficult|challenging} to get out.
  2. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations. Before using any cleaning detergents or remedies, {check|assess} the manufacturer’s {directions|instructions} for maintenance, which can usually be found on the {couch’s|sofa’s} tags. Failing to use safe cleaning products {could|may} {mean|indicate} permanently damaged upholstery.
  3. {Assess|Evaluate} the cleaning codes {for|to} your {fabric|cloth} sofa. You know those random letters {on|in} your {couch’s|sofa’s} tags? These are {actually|really} codes! {Take|Have} a look at the table below for the list of codes – and what they mean.
  4. Use a dry brush to remove loose particles. Go over the {whole|entire} sofa {using|with} a stiff brush with natural bristles to help loosen stains and {bring|attract} dust and {dirt|grime} to the surface.
  5. Vacuum. Before {scrubbing and cleaning|cleaning and scrubbing} your {fabric|cloth} {sofa|couch}, use a hand-held {vacuum|vacuum cleaner} to remove {crumbs and |}any other loose particles. This will make it {much|far} easier to identify and {focus|concentrate} on troublesome stains when {it is|it’s} time to {clean|wash}.
  6. Clean with baking soda. Baking soda {isn’t|is not} just for baking – {it is|it’s} also an effective {cleaning|cleansing} treatment. In {fact|actuality}, sprinkling baking soda over the {whole|entire} couch will help to {eliminate|remove} odors and further loosen stains. You can {also|even} use a homemade baking soda solution {for|to} any {regions|areas} of deep-set stains; in a bowl, mix together equal parts baking soda and water. For either the {dry or wet|wet or dry} solution, {allow|let} the baking soda sit for 15 to 20 minutes. {Once|When} the baking soda has {fully|completely} absorbed the {stain|blot}, vacuum it up with a brush attachment. And as with all types of cleaning solutions, always {place|put} treat a test {portion|part} of the {sofa|couch} before cleaning it {fully|completely}.
  7. Spot treat with the recommended agent. Begin cleaning your {couch|sofa} with the {recommended|suggested} product. If {you are|you’re} {unsure|not certain} if the product falls within the recommendations, test a small area for any discoloration {prior to|before} proceeding. Whether you use a water-based cleaner or a solvent (or both), follow the {directions|instructions} on the packaging. If the instructions say {it’s|it is} safe to do so, use a soft cloth to wipe out the remedy.
  8. Dry your fabric sofa with a soft towel. Pat down any {wet|moist} areas with a dry towel to soak up the residual moisture. Gently brush off any remaining cleaning solution.
  9. Let your {fabric|cloth} sofa air dry. {Let|Allow} the upholstery air dry overnight, and revel in a {fresh|new} {sofa|couch} in the morning!

Need to clean a leather {sofa|couch} instead? Check out theย Leather Furniture Cleaning Guide.

Odor Treatment - Upholstery Cleaning

Odor Treatment

Sweat stains are {frequently|often} gathered which {creates|generates} an odour. An untouched and uncleaned {sofa|couch} won’t ever smell fresh by leaving it {at|in} sunlight.

{Get rid of|Eliminate} the odour from your {sofa|couch} with Sally Steamer’s odor treatment {method|procedure}!

{How|The Way} to Disinfect a Sofa

Want a {quick|fast} DIY disinfectant spray for {fabric|cloth}? In a spray bottle, {mix|combine} the diluted essential oil known for its antibacterial properties (tea tree is a {good|fantastic} one) with a {bit of|little} rubbing alcohol. Lightly spray your {sofa|couch}, {allow|enable} the solution to sit for a {couple of|few} minutes, then run a vacuum {within|inside} the {couch’s|sofa’s} surface!

Professional Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services

Your sofas, lounge chairs, office chairs and dining chairs are in {everyday|regular} use and are {frequently|often} being exposed to:

  • Dirt and Allergens
  • Germs and Bacteria
  • Stains and Odours
  • Fleas and Dustmites

The truth is when {we are|we’re} {out|outside} of our offices or homes, {we will|we’ll} be sitting on the bus, MRT, coffee shops and other public {places|areas} and back on our office chairs and {sofas|couches}.

So it becomes inevitable that {we are|we’re} accumulating dirt in our {chairs|seats} and sofas. Having Sally Steamer professionally maintain the cleanliness of your upholstery, it {won’t|will not} {just|only} help you but also your {family|loved ones}, friends, {colleagues|coworkers} and {clients|customers}. Our {sofa|couch} cleaning {services|solutions} are {cost-effective|cheap} that {ensures|guarantees} you a dirt-free {sofa|couch} in your home or work.

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