How To Clean Carpets

{There’s|There is} more to cleaning a {carpet|rug} than {just|simply} a once over with the {vacuum|vacuum cleaner}. Ever so often you {need|will need} to give then a deep clean and {here’s|here is} how.

Our carpets have to {cope with|manage} a lot mud, {food|meals }, pet hair and worse! Nothing that a {quick|fast} vacuum round {can’t|can not} sort out – or so you may think!

But, unwashed {carpets|rugs} can become a haven for dust mites, which {can|may} put some {people|individuals} at greater risk of skin and breathing {problems|difficulties} {caused|brought on} by an allergy to dust mite fecal matter.

How To Clean Carpets

Vacuuming your {carpet|carpeting} {isn’t|is not} enough. You {need|will need} to reach deep into the carpet pile, where {all|all of} the {embedded |}dirt and germs lurk. A build up of gritty particles {can|may} cut carpet fibres.

Here’s What You Need To Do To Clean Carpets

Wash well

Wash carpets every {three|3} months using a {domestic|national} carpet shampoo {machine|system}, such as Bissell or Vax. {Choose|Select} a shampoo that {includes|comes with} a protector {such as|like} Scotchgard, as this {adds|provides} a stain protector {to|into} the {fibres|fibers}. If space is {an issue|a problem}, {consider|think about} hiring a machine. 

Remove carefully

{Remove|Eliminate} those annoying indents and {impression|belief} marks left on {carpets|rugs} by furniture by rubbing an ice {cube|block } over the affected {area|region}.

Avoid stains

Take {care with|good care of} liquid stains: over-blotting could push the spill {further|farther} {into|in} the carpet {fibres, making|fibers, which makes} the stain worse. Treat the stain {as soon as|when} it {occurs|happens} using a {carpet|rug} cleaner, which will lift the liquid {straight|directly} up.

Pre-treat stains

Use a pre-treatment on {badly|poorly} stained {areas|regions} {before|prior to} deep-cleaning your carpets.

This will help {shift|change} the {stain|blot} from beneath, {making|which makes} it ready for the carpet cleaner to lift it {away|off}. Certain stains {such as|like} chocolate and mud {should|ought to} be treated {once|after} the stain has dried. Food, coffee, tea and red wine {should|ought to} be removed when wet.

Dry thoroughly

{Do not|Don’t} over-wet – the dyes from any underlay or backing materials could leach through. Use a hair dryer to {dry|wash} any {spot|place} treated areas.


{Make|Be} {sure|certain} {you|that you} vacuum the {edges|borders} of your {carpet|carpeting} and under radiators {with|using} the crevice tool to help {prevent|stop} black lines forming around the skirting board.

Carpets come in {so many|numerous} {colors|colours}, shapes, sizes and materials that not every tip here {is going to|will} be applicable, so {be sure|make certain} to read careful what your {carpet’s|rug’s} needs {are going to|will} be before you {buy|purchase} them and {act|behave} accordingly. If you happen to know another trick {that|which} helps deal with a {certain|specific} {type|sort} of stain, please {feel free|don’t hesitate} to leave us a comment.

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