Oriental Rug Cleaning

An oriental rug is most commonly constructed of heavy {textiles|fabrics} (wool, cotton or even silk) and used primarily for utilitarian and symbolic functions. An {integral part|essential component} of any home or business interior design is the use of {rugs|carpets}. Adding rugs, {especially|particularly} oriental rugs, can add color, character, and beauty to any space.

The {variety|assortment} of designs and {colors|colours} of oriental area rugs create a perfect appeal and look for any room. {Taking care of|Looking after} your oriental rug the {right|ideal} way is just as significant. These {have to|must} be washed regularly to prolong their life and endurance. It {isn’t|is not} that hard if you know how. {As|Since} you can always consult {a|with a} professional cleaning company for {tips|hints} and advice regarding the {particular|specific} rug type {you’ve|you have} got {at|in your} home or place of business, {here|below} are {some|a few} suggestions to get you started.

{Like|{As with|Like }} other valuables, preservation of your oriental rug with cleanings will retain its value and its aesthetic appearance. Keep fibers free of debris, {{soil|dirt }|dirt}, and odors with our non-toxic cleaning {{services|solutions }|solutions}. {{At|In }|In} Sally Steamer, our {professionals|{specialists|experts }} {use|{utilize|use }} a {blend|mix} of {traditional|classic} hand cleaning methods with modern equipment.

Oriental Rug Cleaning - Sally Steamer

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs generally refer to hand-knotted rugs. {Currently|{Presently|Currently }}, so many distinctions are made {{that|which} |} they {{differentiate|distinguish }|{distinguish|differentiate }} Oriental rugs by their {position|place} {to|into} {{ensure|guarantee }|guarantee} {the|that the} {highest|greatest} {possible|potential} standard of Oriental {rug|carpets} {treatment|{therapy|treatment }}.

Chinese Oriental Rug Cleaning and Restoration

Chinese {rug|carpet} cleaning {depends|{is dependent|depends upon }} on {whether|if} the {{rug|carpet }|{carpet|carpeting }} {is made|was created} {of|from} {silk or wool|wool or silk} and {when|{once|formerly }} the {rug|carpet} {{has been|was }|was} made (the silk {{rug|carpet }|{carpet|carpeting }} cleaning {{can|could} be {found|seen }|are available} here). Chinese wool {{cloths|fabrics }|materials}, {known as|called} Tientsin, were produced between 1920 and 1940. Older carpets are {{uncommon|rare }|{rare|infrequent }}, as world exports {{did not|failed to }|{didn’t|did not }} {begin|start} until this {{time|period }|moment}.

Since the {{pile|heap }|heap} on these rugs is dense and the wool is thin, if the {{rug|carpet }|carpet} was {made|created} {before|{prior to|before }} the 1940s, rotary scrubbing {may|{might|may }} cause the {{pile|heap }|heap} to be {{distorted|twisted }|twisted}. {{In addition|Additionally }|{Additionally|Also }}, after {cleaning|cleansing} the selvage, it {may|{might|may }} be brown requiring acetic acid to {correct|fix}. Therefore, {{it is|it’s }|{it’s|it is }} more {{complex|complicated }|{complicated|complex }} than {standard|conventional} oriental rug cleaning.

These {{carpets|rugs }|{rugs|carpets }} {are also|will also be} vulnerable to {light|mild} fading. {If this happens|Should this happen}, {we {will|shall }|{we’ll|we will }} {be able|{have|possess} the {ability|capacity }} to {{correct|right }|fix} it {with|using} our {color|{colour|color }} {restoration|recovery} {methods|{procedures|processes }} and {{advanced|innovative }|innovative} Oriental {rug|carpet} care {techniques|methods}.

Indian Rug Cleaning and Restoration

{{Most|Many }|The Majority} of the Indian tapestries {that|{which|that }} come from Prestige Rug Spa {was|{has been|was }} post-independence {from|in} the British Empire. {{As a result|Consequently }|{Because of|Due to} {this|the }}, {{most|many }|{the majority|most }} of {them|these} are reproductions of {rug|{carpets|rugs }} {variations|versions} from {around|{all over|around }} the world.

{As a result|{Because of|Due to} {this|the }}, Indian rugs {need|{require|need }} a {{wide|broad }|{broad|wide }} {range|selection} of cleaning {variations|variants} {{depending|based }|based} on the {type|sort} of {stack|pile}, the fibers used and the methods used. Reproductions are {usuallyoften |} machined; as a {result|consequence}, {{there is|there’s }|{there’s|there is }} sometimes no {need|demand} for {fine|{good|great }} oriental {{rug|carpet }|{carpet|carpeting }} cleaning {{procedures|processes }|{processes|procedures }}. The cleaning of Oriental {rug|carpet} care varies, so this is {an important|a significant }

The Best Way To Clean An Oriental Rug

The Best Way To Clean An Oriental Rug

Ideally, you {must|need to} observe deep carpet cleaning at least once a year. {If|When} it’s used in a {very|really} high-foot-traffic-area, then {it’s|it is} strongly {suggested|advised} that you {clean|wash} it once every six months. To {ascertain|determine} {whether|if} the carpet needs cleaning, {put|place} your {hand|hands} on the fibers of the carpet and rub it for {approximately|about} 10-30 seconds. 

When you find {a lot|plenty} of dust flying off the carpet, then you {definitely|absolutely} have to {go to|visit} a {reputable|respectable} rug cleaning company. This test {may|could} be used to {know|understand} whether you {need|want} your oriental {rugs|carpets} cleaned.

Our Professional Rug Cleaning

Expensive and {higher|high} quality handmade oriental rugs or Turkish rugs {require|need} professional rug cleaning to {make sure|be certain} their {beauty|attractiveness} and durability. {The use of|Using} bleach and harsh chemicals {are not|aren’t} suggested {for use|to be used} on these {rugs|carpets} {because|since} they {may|might} cause irreversible damage to its natural fibers.

Many companies selling these {rugs|carpets} also {provide|offer} cleaning services to ensure they are kept clean and beautiful for {longer|more}. Professional carpet cleaning can completely restore your rug’s original {luster|elegance}, {look|appearance}, {color|colour}, and overall {look|appearance}. If you {don’t|do not} know {exactly|just} how to {deal with|manage} these drugs, it {may|might} be best to {go to|visit} the expert rug cleaners {in your area|locally} to have your oriental rug professionally cleaned.

Home {Remedies|{Treatments|Remedies }} for Cleaning Oriental {Rugs |Carpets }

Check for Dust and Dirt

Turn your {{carpet|carpeting }|carpeting} over at one corner. {{Beat|Conquer }|Conquer} the backing with your {{hand|hands }|hands} and {look|search} for {{dust and dirt|dirt and dust }|{dirt and dust|dust and dirt }} to {splash|dab} {{out of|from }|from} the {nap|rest}. If you can see it, {{it’s|it is }|{it is|it’s }} time to {clean|wash} the {{rug|carpet }|carpeting}. 

Rub your {hand|hands} {across|throughout} the wool fibers {repeatedly |} for {{several|a few }|{many|several }} seconds. If your hand gets {dirty|cluttered}, {{it’s|it is }|{it is|it’s }} time to {clean|wash} the {{rug|carpet }|carpeting}. Separate the {pile|heap} and {{examine|analyze }|analyze} {the|that the} {base|{foundation|base }} of {each|every} fiber. If you see {dirt, |dirt, then} {{it’s|it is }|{it is|it’s }} time to {clean|wash} the {{rug|carpet }|carpeting}.

{Prepare|Get Ready} for the Rug Bath

Vacuum the {{rug|carpet }|{carpet|carpeting }} well. {{Raise|Boost }|Boost} the brush {{level|amount }|amount} of {the|this} machine, if possible, to {{prevent|stop }|{avoid|prevent }} {pulling on|yanking} the fibers. Vacuum {in|{at|in }} the direction of the {{pile|heap }|heap}, not against it. Turn the {{rug|carpet }|carpet} over and vacuum the {back|{trunk|back }} {as well|{also|too }}. {{Do not|Don’t }|{Don’t|Do not }} vacuum the fringe, as it {may|{might|may }} pull away {from|in} the carpet base if {{it’s|it is }|it is} not part of the {{initial|first }|{primary|main }} weave. Use warm water to {{clean|wash }|wash} any lingering stains.

Washing the Carpet

{It’s|It is} {best|{ideal|perfect }} to plan to {clean|wash} the {{carpet|carpeting }|carpeting} on a sunny day, {{taking advantage of|using }|using} the sun’s heat to dry the carpet. Bring the carpet {{outside|out }|out}. Hose {it down on|down it} {{both sides|either side }|{either side|both sides }} until the {rug|carpet} is {completely|totally} saturated. {Using|to} a detergent {{mean|imply }|{designed|made }} for delicate {{clothes|clothing }|garments}, massage the soap {info|to} the wool. 

{Don’t|{Do not|Don’t }} use an ammonia-based solution, and {stay away from|steer clear of} rough brushes. Kneeling down, {{let|allow }|{allow|let }} your hands {wash|clean} the carpet, as you would when washing your hair. Turn the carpet over and wash the {{reverse|opposite }|opposite} side.

A {{Good|Great }|Great} Rinse

A hose fitted with an adjustable nozzle {{removes|eliminates }|eliminates} the soapy water best. {It’ll|{It is|it’s} {going|likely} to} take {some time|{a while|some time }} to {get|find} all {the|of {the|this }} soap {out|outside}, but {{don’t|do not }|{do not|don’t }} {stop|cease} until all {the|of {the|this }} suds have {{disappeared|vanished }|vanished}. Do the same on the {{reverse|opposite }|opposite} side, turn it over again and rinse the {{nap|rest }|rest} side one more time. Use a squeegee, pulled in the direction of the {{nap|rest }|rest}, to {remove|eliminate} as much water as {{possible|potential }|you can}.

Dry Completely

Plan a time to put the rug on a dry {{spot|place }|area} of {the|this} {{driveway or patio|deck or driveway }|patio or {driveway|drive }} and let it soak up the heat rays of {{the sun|sunlight }|sunlight}. This may take {all day|daily}, or {even |} two days, but {{it’s|it is }|{it is|it’s }} {imperative|critical} {that |}the {{rug|carpet }|{carpet|carpeting }} {to get|for} completely dry.

Hanging a {carpet|{rug|carpet }} over a {{railing|rail }|{rail|railing }} or {on|onto} a clothesline {may|{might|may }} help {{reduce|decrease }|lessen} morning fog and dew accumulation if you {need|will need} to {leave|depart} {the {carpet|carpeting} out|out the {carpet|carpeting }} to dry for {{more than|over }|over} {a|per} day. Wet wool {{does not|doesn’t }|{doesn’t|does not }} smell good. 

Be {sure|{certain|sure }} the {reverse|opposite} side gets its time in {{the sun|sunlight }|{sunlight|sun }} {as well|also}. Rough the {{nap|rest }|rest} and feel {the|that the} {base|{foundation|base }} of {the|these} fibers to {check|test} for dryness. Separate the fringe with your hand {until|before} {{it’s|it is }|{it is|it’s }} completely straight.

The {{Final|Closing }|Last} Touch

When the {rug|carpet} is {completely|totally} dry, rough the fibers with your {{hand|hands }|hands} to {bring|deliver} them {{upright|vertical }|vertical}. Run a vacuum cleaner over the {{nap|rest }|rest} side {{as well as|in addition to }|{in addition to|along with }} the {bottom|{base|foundation }} of {the|this} {carpet|carpeting}. {After|When} {{you have|you’ve }|{you’ve|you have }} cleaned the {{rug|carpet }|{carpet|carpeting }} pad and the floor {{underneath|under }|{beneath|under }}, bring your {{newly|recently }|freshly} cleaned carpet {back |}into its {home|{dwelling|home }}.

Why You Need to Hire Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

Sally Steamer is a professional {{rug|carpet }|{carpet|carpeting }} cleaner in Philadelphia, PA {can|will {be able|have the ability} to} help you freshen your {{rugs|carpeting }|carpeting}, {{eliminate|remove }|{remove|eliminate }} {odors|scents} and prevent matting from {use|{usage|use }}. {They will|They’ll} also help {{to|into} |} disinfect and reduce the {amount|{number|amount }} of {allergens|pollutants} in the {{air|atmosphere }|{atmosphere|air }}, {creating|making} a {{hygienic|sterile }|sterile} environment for you and your {{family|household }|loved ones}.

Before you {decide|{choose|select }} to {{attempts|efforts }|{try|attempt }} to {clean your rugs|wash your {carpets|carpeting }} {yourself|}, consider two {very|quite} {{good|great }|excellent} reasons why you {should|need to} hire a {professional|specialist} instead.

{It's|{It Is|It's }} What They Do

Professional {rug|{carpet|carpeting }} {cleaners|cleansers} like Sally Steamer {no|{understand|know }} {that|{the way|how }} to {effectively|efficiently} and safely clean an oriental rug, you {need|{want|need }} to {hire|employ} a professional {who has|with} the {right|{perfect|ideal }} {{equipment|gear }|{gear|equipment }} and {{understands|knows }|{knows|understands }} {how|the way} to remove stains and restore your {rug|carpeting}. Using the {{wrong|incorrect }|incorrect} cleaning method {can|may} {result in|lead to} {damage or fading|fading or damage} to your {{rug|carpet }|{carpet|carpeting }}, and {may|{might|may }} not {even |}{get|make} it {clean|blank}.

{Regular|{Routine|Regular }} cleaning of your Oriental rugs, antique rugs and Persian rugs will help {{to|into} |} {keep|maintain} them {{colorful|vibrant }|vibrant} and {vibrant|lively} {{as well as|in addition to }|{in addition to|along with }} proper fixtures {in|on} your {home|{residence|home }}. It {{doesn’t|does not }|{does not|doesn’t }} take long for these rugs to {start|{begin|start }} {getting|{becoming|getting }} worn down {as|{since|because }} they {pick|select} {up dust|dust up} the fibers can be {{destroyed|ruined }|{ruined|destroyed }}.

{Extend|Expand} {The Life|the Life Span} of Your Rugs

An oriental rug {{needs|requires }|has} to be {cleaned|washed} using the best techniques, {{as well as|and }|{in addition to|along with }} with the best products and equipment. Professional {rug|{carpet|carpeting }} {cleaners|cleansers} have training and {{experience|expertise }|{expertise|experience }} {that|{which|that }} can help {{to|into} |} extend the {life|life span} of your {{rug|carpet }|{carpet|carpeting }}.

Sing the {{wrong|incorrect }|{incorrect|wrong }} technique can {cause|lead to} {damage|harm} to the {{rug|carpet }|{carpet|carpeting }} fiber and {in times|sometimes} {ruin|{destroy|ruin }} the rug. There are {, many {types|forms }|various kinds} of {rugs|carpets} {on|available on} the {market|sector} and rugs can be {{expensive|costly }|{costly|expensive }} to replace. Some require different cleaning methods from others.

A {{nice|fine }|wonderful} {rug|carpet} takes {much|a {great|excellent} deal} more than {just|simply} {an {average|ordinary }|a normal} vacuum cleaner and cleaning product to {{correctly|properly }|{properly|correctly }} preserve. Many {rugs|carpets} are {made|created} {of|from} fine, delicate fibers. If you {{do not|don’t }|{don’t|do not }} know what {{you are|you’re }|{you’re|you are }} doing you {could|might} easily cause your {rug|carpeting} to become frayed at the ends by pulling a loose thread.

Dirt, sand and {{grime|dirt }|dirt} over time can permanently damage rug fibers, which {leads|contributes} to {{wear and discoloration|discoloration and wear }|discoloration and wear} of {the|this} {rug|carpet}. {Regular|Standard} cleaning {{helps|aids }|can help} to {keep your {rugs|carpeting }|{maintain|keep} your {carpets|carpeting }} in shape so {that |} they last longer. {You will|{You’ll|You Will }} have peace of mind knowing that a professional is using only the best products to clean your rug.

Oriental and Persian rug cleaning is an art. Commercial Cleaning & Restoration will {address|tackle} your commercial {{rug|carpet }|{carpet|carpeting }} cleaning needs {with|using} a {{level|degree }|{degree|level }} of knowledge and {expertise|experience} {that is|{that’s|that is }} simply unmatched.

How Much {Does|Can} Oriental Rug Cleaning {Cost|Price}?

Oriental rug cleaning {cost|price} may vary {based|depending} on the size of the carpet. You can {get|find} a quote for oriental {rug|carpet} cleaning by giving us a call at 1-000-000-0000.

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A treasured rug that smelled bad- Oriental rug cleaning

Publish 08/16/2017 by

oriental rug cleaning from urine odor.
Nationwide service, 561-221-2815.

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This Antique oriental rug shipped from the State of Arizona.
To be Clean after the Coit carpet cleaner company cleaned the rug.
What Virginia wrote to me.

A treasured rug that smelled bad

Virginia H

to me
My dear sister passed away and left me many of her lovely antiques.
I knew she loved Oriental rugs, but in looking around, I couldn’t find one I had seen in her library on a previous visit.

Finally, I found the beautiful rug, but I was very puzzled as to where it was stored. She had folded it up and moved it to the corner of her garage.

Nevertheless, I was thrilled to take possession of what I remembered was a valuable, beautiful rug.

As I drove home from California to Arizona with the very heavy folded rug in my SUV, I noticed a putrid smell filling the car.

It dawned on me why my sister had banished the rug to the garage. Her dogs have urinated on the rug, and the smell has become intolerable for my sister.

I then decided I would not take it home without having it cleaned, so I drove directly to Coit rug cleaners in Phoenix and dropped it off.

It was expensive to clean, but I thought I was going to have my sisters a wonderful rug in my home soon.

The smell was much better, and I put it on the floor of my own library to enjoy and remember my dear sister.

After a few months, my housekeeper mentioned she was vacuuming the rug and noticed it had an odor.
I hadn’t noticed anything in particular and so just dismissed the idea.

A few months passed, and I went traveling for three weeks on business. When I returned home and walked in my home it “hit” me. The smell was definitely coming from my sister’s rug.

I now know that in living with the rug I had become used to the smell. I was shocked that I hadn’t noticed that terrible stench.
Houseguests and visitors must have been noticing it for some time and I was unaware.

What failed with the cleaning I had done in Phoenix? How disappointing.

So, this morning I scoured the internet and looked at advertising videos and YouTube demonstrations by companies all over the Country.
Arizona has several companies that claim to remove pet odors. After watching and comparing all the videos, I was not convinced they would do a good job removing the pee smell and guarantee their work.

When I saw and listened to Meir Martin and his company Pet Pee Pee I knew he would give my rug the best cleaning and care.

I was glued to his presentations as he used special organic minerals from The Dead Sea and I watched how the minerals washed through the rug fibers and vacuumed them out the back. His patterned vacuum technique was the only method that ran the used solution THROUGH the rug and then into the tubing until the water was clear indicating the rug was free of all the pee and odor.
Wow!!! This looked like the odor and dirty pee accumulating from years of dog traffic (and worse) would be cleaned at last.
And guess what? Pet Pee Pee guarantees it.

They are nationwide with UPS pick up.
I texted Mr. Martin a photo, and he texted me back in ten minutes. He gave me a price and told me the weight, and also told me something about my rug.

I followed Mr. Martin’s video on folding and bagging for shipping. That same day UPS came to the door and off it went 3,000 miles to Florida.
My home is already smelling better.

#antiquecarpet #orientalrug #petpeepee

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