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If you’re reading this that would indicate that you have an area rug that is in need of cleaning solutions either for your home or office in the area of Philadelphia, PA. We at Sally Steamer can fix this problem for you with our specialist area rug cleaning processes. Just complete our form or give us a call at 1-000-000-000 when you are looking for dry cleaners that clean area rugs in Philadelphia, PA.

Lots of people use our rugs to decorate their homes. They are colorful and they provide a soft feel to any room. But did you know that area rugs function a health function in the home too? Actually, area rugs and carpets act as filters for dirt, dander and bacteria and they trap them to prevent circulation of these types of substances around the house.

This is why it’s so important to look after your area rugs by sending them to Sally Steamer! We’re ready to use an environmentally-friendly procedure to get the dirt and germs out of your area rugs. Moreover, your rug will feel softer and look brighter when you put it back in your dwelling.

Efficient Suggestions on How to Clean an Area Rug

Efficient Suggestions on How to Clean an Area Rug

Area rug cleaning must be finished with regard to the details of the fiber substance and the construction of your piece

Synthetic Rugs

The cheapest sort of area rugs usually allow direct washing. Still, before soaking your piece in water, be sure to test for any particular cleaning instructions (if you haven’t maintained the initial tags attached to your carpet, see the closest store and find the same type of floor covering to consult the data available). Mind the fact that some thicker, richly-dyed synthetic rugs may require dry-cleaning only.

Most synthetic drugs, however, are sturdy enough to be washed with cold water and mild detergent (small ones may even be put info a mesh laundry bag and machine-washed on a gentle cycle and slow spin). When washing by hand, submerge your large rug in a bathtub (filled with cool water and about half a cup of a gentle washing agent) and agitate slowly.

Whatever the case, rinse thoroughly and dry thoroughly before placing the carpet on the floor again. It’s perfect to allow it to atmosphere dry but avoid direct sunlight, and hang it either on a wash or a clothes-drying rack but not over one clothesline to prevent distortion of its shape.

Wool Area Rugs

Lay the carpet flat on a clean concrete coating, wet it with a garden hose, and then apply amount especially designed carpet cleaning foam or a solution prepared by stirring a quarter cup of a gentle cleansing agent in a bucket of cool water. Be careful not to use hot water because the wool will shrink.

Also, never use strong cleaners since that they will easily damage the fibers! Rub gently with a mop and rinse well. Eliminate just as much of the water as potential (you are advised to press white cotton towels across the surface to blot out the majority of the moisture) and allow it to air dry on a tough level area (never hang wool rugs).

You’re recommended to just wash area rugs on sunny and warm days so that they can dry completely and quickly or you can risk bacteria growth on them!

Natural Fibers

Rugs made from coir, sisal, grass, etc.

Dirt sifts through the open weave of rugs made from these natural fibers, so you will need to clean the floor under as well. Bear in mind that water weakens natural fibers, so when washing, wash really fast using a soft brush dipped in soapy water. Rinse dry and immediately completely ;

Silk rugs.

These are extremely delicate and must be treated with extra care, even if vacuumed (a beater bar can damage them beyond repair). Talcum powder could be used to swallow a small stain but you can’t simply wash silk rugs because exposing them to water also damages the fine fibers. Professional cleaning is definitely your safest choice;


Sprinkle talcum powder all over the carpet and let it rest for several hours. Then brush the powder through the hair and shake or vacuum it clean. You can wipe the back of those rugs using a cloth soaked in soapy water and rinse it with a cloth dipped in clean water but create sure it’s dried up completely before put the carpet back in place. NEVER wet the fur!

Hand-made, Oriental or Antique Rugs

Don’t risk it just take these extremely valuable pieces to some respectable professional cleaner such as Leons Carpet Cleaning. Even vacuuming classic or antique rugs is tricky, so be sure to adhere to all of the maintenance and maintenance tips concerning the specific content and structure of your piece.

Cleaning and maintaining Area Rugs

Cleaning and maintaining Area Rugs

Maintaining the Fantastic state of your carpeting {isn’t |Isn’tan overwhelmingly difficult task, as long as you follow some basic rules:

Clean regularly.

It is no secret that to prolong the life span of your possessions, you want to properly maintain them. Vacuuming your rug once per week will prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt and can help you conserve its great looks for quite a long time.

For best results, turn your carpet upside down and vacuum the back . Using the beater bar or the rotating brush of your vacuum cleaner can help push most of the dirt embedded in the carpeting fibers toward their top . This can make it quite simple to remove all of this dirt when you reverse the carpeting the perfect way.

Vacuum carefully both sides of your carpeting , and the flooring surface under it, but create sure to not use the beater on the front of a piece made of delicate materials, such as natural fibers – if which is true, utilize suction only. You’re not advised to vacuum the boundaries since you can easily fray and injury the fringes and/or tassels;

Remove spills immediately.

Adequate measures must be taken formerly you spill anything on the carpet. If the spot remains wet, the liquid will penetrate deep into the fibers and permanently damage them. So, blot out the liquid immediately with a white cotton towel – press it really tough into the place from the exterior towards the center till it’s absorbed most of this moisture, then employ a correct cleaning solution (see below for particulars ). Do not forget to move the towel straight lines when blotting a moist place – NEVER rub in circles to stop greater harm;

Remove pet hair softly.

Vacuum cleaning is generally not effective enough to remove all of the pet hairs accumulated in your carpeting. Use a slightly dampened stiff brush to fully wash the fibers, but always brush in the direction of the rest;

Turn your carpets .

You are ready to even out the wear sustained by your carpeting by turning it a few times annually. Direct sunlight, foot traffic, or beating under thick furniture can fade or injury specific areas of the carpet much more clearly than others, so turn it often to prevent excessive signs of wear and tear at the same area;

Shake smaller rugs.

Taking your small area rug out, to shake or to conquer all of this dust and dirt from it then let it atmosphere for several hours can permit you to maintain the piece fresh and clean .

Whenever you decide that your floor covering requires more thorough cleaning than simply vacuuming, then you need to take into consideration the particular sort of your carpeting. Simply washing the piece with a carpet cleaning alternative may actually ruin a couple of more delicate and expensive rugs.

Area Rug Cleaning Tips for Removing Stains

Area Rug Cleaning Tips for Removing Stains

As formerly mentioned, any accidental stains on your carpeting must be removed as soon as possible by blotting, not rubbing the place. How to spot clean your rug depends, of course, on the nature of the blot:

The best way to clean a stain from soft and alcohol beverages.

Red wine and fruit juices are notorious for staining area rugs. To prevent permanent damage, prepare a solution of liquid dishwashing agent (one tablespoon), white vinegar (a quarter of a tablespoon) and water (one quart).

Using hydrogen peroxide instead of water provides better outcomes but sometimes a moist white towel is all you need to eliminate a blot. If you’ve implemented a cleaning solution, don’t forget to wash well and to blot dry;

How to clean stains from tea and coffee.

The next most frequent stains come from spilled coffee. It is a rich colour and might be somewhat catchy to eliminate unless treated immediately. The vinegar-dishwasher-water mix should work for you, however if the stain has penetrated deeper in the fibers, then you may need an proper company area rug cleaner;

How to remove fat-based stains.

For any sort of oil and dirt stains, use talcum powder as described above. Most dry-solvent spot carpet cleaners should also do the trick;

How to eliminate gum or wax .

Scrape up to potential then suspend the place with ice cubes in a plastic bag and remove the hardened material with a dull knife. Rub the spot with a cotton cloth dampened in alcohol and blot dry, or use a dry-solvent spot cleaner if the stain is too persistent. There is an alternative way of putting a brown paper bag over the place and ironing over it to completely absorb the stain without further ado. This is very powerful for wax;

How to remove stains from paint.

Employ a detergent solution while the place is still wet and dab with rubbing alcohol. Mineral spirits should be used for oil-based paints but with good care;

Our Area Rug Cleaning Procedures

In Sally Steamer, we have been cleaning household goods, including rugs rugs. You may expect your lovely home décor with our specialist staff. Their knowledge and experience will help restore your rug to its original beauty. And, if your drug has any harm, we all know plenty of people in the marketplace to urge to get your rug looking like new.

Whether or not your rug is made of synthetic fabric, wool, cotton, silk, or some other sort of material, we have the ability to handle it in our dry cleaning facility in Philadelphia, PA. The best part of our cleaning process is that there isn’t any ODOR left behind and your carpet will be as vibrant as the day you bought it.

Finally, why need to transport your rug? Our drivers will come to your home to pick up the carpet, and, when it is clean, deliver it back to you. You never even need to leave your dwelling. Our FREE pickup and delivery service are only part of what makes us proud to serve the Philadelphia, PA as a dry cleaner.

Try Sally Steamer out today for your entire household cleaning needs including area rugs. We’d really like to make your home a safer, healthier, and more beautiful area.

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